Registration of Vehicle FAQ

1. What I have to do when I bring an other state vehicle to Gujarat State?

Ans: If the vehicle is purchased from outside state bearing other state registration mark then Transfer of ownership has to be intimated within 30 days.
Before using the vehicle in the state of Gujarat you should pay Motor vehicle Tax.
To know about this, The first thing to do is to approach is, visit RTOs along with the Original Registration Certificate, Insurance and Emission Testing Certificate.
You approach the Help Desk or the Public relation officer, who will guide to the concerned officer/counter
At the counter you will be guided about the procedure, forms to be filed, tax and fees to be paid.
The tax to be paid will be assessed on the basis of the age and cubic capacity of the vehicle as on the date of migration in respect of cars and motorcycles.

2. Whether NOC (NO objection Certificate) is required for payment of Tax?

Ans: NOC is not a requirement for payment of tax .

3. When an NOC (NO objection Certificate) and an NDC (No Due Certificate) are required?

Ans: NOC is required When you want to obtain Gujarat Registration Mark in respect of an other state vehicle.
NDC is required When transfer of ownership is to be recorded in the certificate of Registration in respect of an other Region/Distric vehicle..

4. Should the vehicle be produced for inspection for recording change of address/ transfer of ownership?

Ans: Yes it is mandatory for the vehicle to be produced for inspection.