Main Functions of Transport Department


Sr. No Functions
1 Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, allied acts and rules framed thereunder
A Licenses
–  Testing and Issuance of Learning License
–  Issue & Renewal of Driving License
–  Issue of International Driving License
–  Addition of a new class of Vehicle to Driving License
–  Issue & Renewal of License for the establishment of a Motor Driving School
–  Issue & Renewal of Driving Instructor’s (Professional)License
–  Issue of Conductor’s License
B Registration of Vehicle
–  Issue & Renewal of Registration Certificate for Motor Vehicles
–  Transfer of Ownership in Registration Certificate of a Motor Vehicle
–  Entry/Termination of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation in R.C. Book
–  Recording of Changes in Registration Certificate
–  Issue of Certificate of Temporary Registration
–  Issue of No Objection Certificate(NOC)
–  Issue & Renewal of Trade Certificate
–  Issue of Fitness Certificate
–  Permits
2 Revenue Collection for the Government
–  Tax on Motor Vehicles
–  Collection of IMV Fees
–  DA (Departmental Action) Cases
3 Inspection of Vehicles at Check posts
4 Environmental Upgradation.
–  CNG/LPG Conversion
–  PUC Testing Centres
5 Road Safety Measures