License and all certificate registration fees of mp rto


LICENSE Fees Structure @ mp rto

Learner’s License  with renewal of driving licence  – duplicate License – international driving licence permit – duplicate authorization structure – renewal of conductor driving License fees

Nature of Job Class of Vehicle Fee (Rs.)
Learner’s License All Vehicles 40 (Single Class)
Renewal of License All Vehicles 250
Duplicate License All Vehicles 250
Class Endorsement All Vehicles 300
international Driving Permit All Vehicles 500
Authorization for PSV Public Service Vehicle 100
Duplicate Authorization Public Service Vehicle 100
Conductor License & Badge Stage Carriers 125
Renewal of Conductor License Stage Carriers 125
Duplicate Badge Conductor License Stage Carriers 100
Duplicate of Conductor License Stage Carriers 100

Duplicate RC , new RC  , Renewal of RC  , Transfer of Ownership RC  means this section cover all kind of registration certificate fees structure

Nature of Job Class of Vehicle Fee (Rs.)
Registration of New RC Invalid Carriage 220
Motor Cycle 260
Imported Motor Cycle 400
Light Motor Vehicle 400
L.M.V. Transport 500
MGV & PSV 600
Heavy Goods Vehicle 800
Imported Motor Vehicle 1000
All Other Vehicle Not Mentioned 500
Duplicate RC All 50% of RC Fee+200
Renewal of RC All As per New RC
Assignment of New RC All As per New RC
Transfer of Ownership Invalid Carriage 210
Motor Cycle 230
Imported Motor Cycle 300
Light Motor Vehicle 300
L.M.V. Transport 300
MGV & PSV 400
Heavy Goods Vehicle 500
Imported Motor Vehicle 600
All other vehicle not mentioned 350
Endorsement of HPA All 100
Termination of HPA All 100
NOC All 50
Renewal of Fitness LMV – Transport 300
MGV 400
HGV 500
2 & 3 Wheelers 200
Duplicate Fitness All 100
Alteration in Vehicle All 50
PERMIT Fees Structure

Contract Carriage Permit , Goods Carriage Permit  , Temp Permit  fees structure , Tourist Permit  fees structure , National Permit (Goods)  , Transfer of Permit , Transfer of Permit  of madhya pradesh  mp RTO  fees structure

Nature of Job Class of Vehicle Fee (Rs.)
Contract Carriage Permit Metered Motor Cab 100
Non Metered Cab 150
Maxi Cab 150
Goods Carriage Permit All 1500
PSV All 1500
Temp Permit (Goods) All 750
Special Permit (PSV) All 300
Tourist Permit All 300
National Permit (Goods) All 1500
Transfer of Permit All 1500
Duplicate Tax Certificate All 50
Trade Certificate Motor Cycle 50
invalid Carriage 50
Others 200
Duplicate Trade Certificate Motor Cycle 30
invalid Carriage 30
Others 100
Authorized Person to fill above 1000
Renewal & Duplicate 500 each