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(Transport Department Forms )

Form 1

Application-cum-declaration as to physical fitness.

physical fitness of vehicle registration form to download here.

Form 1a

Medical Certificate.

medical certificate form for driving licence

Form 2

Application for the grant or renewal of learner’s license.

renewal driving licence application form to download

Form 3

Learner’s License.

learner license application form to download for applying.

Form 4

Form of application for license to drive a vehicle.

application form to drive vehicles in madhya pradesh

Form 20

Form of Application For Registration of a Motor Vehicle.

Motor vehicle registration application form of rto services

Form 26

intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the certificate of registration and application For the issue of Duplicate RC.

Form 27

Application for assignment of new registration mark on removal of motor vehicle to another state.

Form 28

Application for ‘No Objection Certificate and grant of Certificate.

Form 29

Form of notice of Transfer of Ownership of A Motor Vehicle.

change ownership of vehicles to registration of changed owner application form

Form 30

Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle.

motor vehicle  owner changed report certificate form to download

Form 34

Application for making an entry of an agreement of hire – purchase/ lease / hypothecation subsequent to registration.

Form 35

Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase /Lease /Hypothecation

Form 45

Application of Grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle.

Form 46

Form of Application for Grant of Authorization for Tourist Permit /NP

Form 47

Authorization for Tourist Permit or National Permit

Tourist and national permit application form in madhya pradesh rto

Form 48

Application for Grant of National Permit.

National permit  of vehicle grant application in madhya pradesh

DPES App Form

Registration Form for Dealer Point Enrollment System.

Form 8

Form of Application for the addition of a new class of vehicle to a driving licence.

Form 9

Form of Application for the Renewal of Driving Licence.

Renewal Driving licence Application of mp rto

Form 12

Form of Application for the Permit of Motor Vehicle Training Institue.

Training institute motor vehicle registration permit in madhya pradesh

Form 13

Form of Application for the Permit of Motor Vehicle Training Institue.

Form 16

Form of Application for the New / Renewal of Trade Certificate.

Form 18

Form of Application for the Duplicate copy of Trade Certificate in case of Lost / destroyed.

Form 25

Form of application of renewal of certificate of regstration of a Motor vehicle, other than A Transport-vehicle.

Form 31

Application and intimation of transfer of ownership and the name of person succeding to the possession of the vehicle.

Form 40 CMVR

Application Form for grant of letter of Authority.

Form 42 CMVR

Form of Application for Registration of Moter Vehicle by or on behalf of diplomatic / consular Officer.

Form 44 CMVR

Intimation of changes of state of residence and application for assignment of fresh registration mark by or on behalf of a diplomatic or consular officer.


Intimation of loss destruction of Licence And Application Duplicate.


Application for the grant of Goods Vehicle Permit.


Form of Application for authority of driving passenger vehicle.


Application for the issuance of duplicate copy of Learner Licence.


Application for Conductor Licnece.


Form of Application for Medical certificate of conductor (to be filled by Medical Practitioner only).


Application for Renewal of Conductor Licnece.


Application for Duplicate copy of Conductor Licence in case of lost / destroyed.


Application for Duplicate copy of Conductor Badge.


Application for Temporary Registration.


Application for the Grant / Renewal of Fitness certificate.


Application for issuance of duplicate fitness certificate in case of Lost / destroyed.